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The program is a fun and educational way for children in the greater Hartford area to learn about the importance of good oral healthcare routines.   This preventative education promotes good dental health habits teaching young children the importance and value of a healthy happy smile.  Managed and implemented by one employee, our Smilemobile Coordinator, the program is offered September through June. Ms. Lou Ann Stankowski, CDA is the dental health educator along with her assistant puppet Alexander Alligator. She teaches interactive age appropriate lessons in the classroom, using lesson plans that are specific to each age group. The lessons teach children proper brushing and flossing techniques, the importance of a healthy nutritional diet, and the importance of regular dental checkups. Each lesson has an interactive hands-on typodont patient experience for the age group. This approach allows children to develop the brushing and flossing techniques they will need for their own personal oral healthcare routine.

healthy smiles (1) (640x480)The Smilemobile Program was established in 1974, by the Hartford Dental Society (HDS) with the assistance of the James and Ella Burr McManus Fund. The mission has been to provide a community service in its Greater Hartford County district to promote proper oral healthcare to young children at no cost to public and private schools.  The program operation comes from grant funding and support.